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Pre-Press Guidelines

Northcott Banner accommodates a broad range of customers. Our pre-press guidelines are detailed below.

Compatible Software

  • Adobe CS5 or older (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat)
  • Quark Xpress 7.0
  • If document is created in an application other than listed above, please save or export as EPS, TIF or PDF format.

Maximum Print Width

  • Dye Sublimation: 58 inches wide
  • Solvent Ink: 62 inches wide

Supported Transfer Media

  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • USB/Firewire drives or Flash drives

Electronic File Transfer

  • E-mail– When submitting artwork via e-mail, attach the file as a PDF document (if all art is contained on one document). If there are multiple files, compress them as a .zip or .sitx archive. If the file is still too big to send through email then it must be uploaded to a FTP site or delivered on disk.
  • FTP site– We will be glad to provide login information if you choose to upload to our site.

Document Setup

  • Preserve layers if possible especially if the layout is created in Photoshop.
  • Bleeds on all sides should be .25" minimum or .5" optimal.
  • Hems are normally 1.5" but can change based on hardware requirements. The sew line is not very visable but if this is a concern, you may wish to take this into account when planning your layout. Subtract the amount of top and bottom hem from the finished size in order to determine the area that will not be effected by the hem’s stitch line.
  • Layouts may be setup at any scale as long as the proportions match to the final print size.
  • Supplied digital art should include all layout files, linked images, and fonts used.
* Make sure to indicate what prints and what doesn’t (such as marks for pockets and hems that are for position only).

Color Matching

  • The best way for us to produce colors correctly is to have an accurate color proof. If a color proof is not availabe we can try and match what we see on screen the best we can. If you would like to see a press check we can send one for approval or you can approve onsite.
  • If spot colors need to be matched exactly, please identify them as Pantone colors or send a sample.
Convert RGB files to CMYK.

Image Resolution

Resolution for rasterized images should be in the 72–120 ppi range at full size for optimal image quality. The size of the project can sometimes negate the importance of image resolution. Example: If a 4’X12’ banner is being viewed from a distance the image may look fine with less than 72 ppi resolution. Use the image?s real resolution rather than increase the size in Photoshop. If low image resolution is a concern we can produce a sample swatch at full size scale for approval.

Design & Development: